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Mojotone "Sledgehammer" F-Spaced Humbucker Pickup

sku: #S3S53586
  • Mojotone "Sledgehammer" F-Spaced Humbucker Pickup

$ 95.48

The Mojotone "Sledgehammer" humbucker guitar pickup is the biggest sounding humbucker we offer. It has a big round bottom end with nice even mids and highs that retain clarity and warmth. The Sledgehammer humbucker with its custom Alnico 8 magnet, makes it the most soulful sounding high output pickup on the market. It cleans up beautifully when you need it, and drives really hard when pushed. This is a must have pickup for huge hard rock and metal tones. Vacuum potted coils.

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4-Conductor Lead
Bridge 15k Alnico 8 43 Gauge Wire
Tags humbuckers