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Mojotone "Level Head" 8-String Humbucker Pickup

sku: #S38LH599
  • Mojotone "Level Head" 8-String Humbucker Pickup

$ 122.57

The ultimate active pickup killer! Our new "Level Head" humbucker is the most balanced high gain passive humbucker period. Unlike anything ever heard before, we figured out how to perfectly balance the low strings with the high strings in volume and EQ. Smooth and balanced without any ice picky highs or mushy lows. The low wound strings are super tight and clear while the high unwound strings are full and fat sounding. Wound to that perfect sweet spot (not too hot, and not too weak) for amazing clarity and string definition that cuts through the mix. The oversized ceramic magnet gives the pickup incredible output, bite, and sustain that will handle any drop tunings with authority. Our 8 string version reads higher ohms than our 6 and 7 string versions due to the longer coils. Everything else is the exact same wind spec and sound.  The pickup is installed so that the wound strings go over the adjustable flathead polepieces, and the un-wound strings go over the fixed slug polepieces. Vacuum potted coils.

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Standard specs
Neck 11k 43 Gauge 4-Conductor Shielded Ceramic
Bridge 17.5k 43 Gauge 4-Conductor Shielded Ceramic