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Mojotone "Classic" Tele® Neck Pickup

sku: #S3CTN621
  • Mojotone "Classic" Tele® Neck Pickup

$ 74.26

Classic Tele® are modeled after vintage Tele® pickups to be a lower output with sharp attack and lots of clarity. These are stock with flat Alnico 5 magnets and vintage spec plain enamel wire. 

The neck pickup is equipped with a nickel silver cover and it sounds strong, clear, and glassy. The bridge pickup has that classic twang with a tight bottom end punch and a vintage correct copper plated steel base plate. RWRP when combined for hum canceling.

These are extremely versatile those who want a very balanced mid-range and good sustain. If you want a brighter, softer attack with a creamier tone, and faster breakup, then we recommend the Alnico 2 version. Vacuum potted coils.

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