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Mojotone "Classic" Humbucker Pickup

sku: #S3H50575
  • Mojotone "Classic" Humbucker Pickup

$ 95.48

If you take our Clone PAF humbucker and add a little more bottom end and sustain, you will have the recipe for our Classic series humbucker. The Classic humbuckers are designed with unbalanced coils that enhance upper frequency overtones and response. They clean up and overdrive very well with lots of clarity and sustain with a tighter bottom end. If you like the vintage PAF sound but want it to be a bit clearer and warmer with more mid range and faster breakup, then choose the Alnico 2 magnet version. A very popular combination is Alnico 2 in the neck and Alnico 5 in the bridge. Vacuum potted coils.

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Optional Alnico 2 magnet
Neck 7.5k 42 Plain Enamel Gibson Style Shielded Alnico 5
Bridge 8.6k 42 Plain Enamel Gibson Style Shielded Alnico 5
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