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Mojotone "72 Clone" Wide Range Humbucker Pickup

sku: #S372W603
  • Mojotone "72 Clone" Wide Range Humbucker Pickup

$ 122.57

Authentic '72 Wide Range clone of the original 1972 Fender Wide Range humbucker with real threaded rod magnets and all American made parts! 

Most are not aware of the differences between the original Wide Range humbucker from the 70's and the reissue version of today. The main difference is the magnet structure. The original Wide Range humbucker used actual threaded rod magnets straight through the bobbins whereas the reissue version uses fake threaded poles that are magnetized by a bar magnet across the bottom. The result of the reissue Wide Range is a much darker sounding humbucker with less chime and clarity as compared to the original. 

The Mojotone '72 Wide Range clone humbucker completely captures that original sound with some overall improvements from the original design like a slightly underwound neck pickup for a more balanced neck to bridge pickup tone, and 4-conductor wiring for more tone options such as coil tapping and series/parallel wiring. Fully vacuum potted. Available in Chrome only with mounting hardware. Fits original, reissue and Squier '72 Teles only.Does not fit standard humbucker routes. 

Please note that the original Wide Range equipped Tele's from the 70's used 1 Meg potentiometers unlike the reissues today that come with 250k pots. For the best tone, it is recommended that you upgrade your electronics to our '72 Tele wiring harness kit which utilizes 500k CTS potentiometers. We find 1 Meg pots too bright and sterile sounding compared to 500k which gives a rounder more full tone to these pickups.

If you don't want change electronics on your reissue, we offer a lower output Wide Range humbucker voiced specifically for reissue '72 teles that come stock with 250k pots.

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Neck 9.8k 4-Conductor Threaded Magnets
Bridge 10.7k 4-Conductor Threaded Magnets