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Mojotone "60th Anniversary" Strat® Pickup

sku: #S360A669
  • Mojotone "60th Anniversary" Strat® Pickup

$ 70.72

The 2014 Mojotone 60th Anniversary Strat® pickups are authentic clones of original 1954 Stratocaster® pickups. We didn't just copy any old set from a 1954 Stratocaster either. The original 1954 pickups were very inconsistent with output from one to the next. We literally listened to several '54 strats only to find some were ok and some only had one great sounding pickup out of all three. 

Mojotone combined the best of the best to create the ultimate piano-like tone out of all 3 pickups. Every detail was painstakingly accounted for, including the right materials and manufacturing methods. Each coil is handwound to the exact same 1954 specifications. Custom sand cast Alnico 3 magnets (raised D magnet like the originals), 50's spec heavy Formvar coil wire, nitrocellulose lacquered bobbins just like the originals. 

Don't miss out on this one of a kind Strat® tone!

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Neck 5.76k Alnico 3 Vintage Cloth Leads
Middle 5.61k Alnico 3 Vintage Cloth Leads
Bridge 6.29k Alnico 3 Vintage Cloth Leads