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Mojotone "59 Clone" Aged Humbucker Pickup

sku: #S3HCR733
  • Mojotone "59 Clone" Aged Humbucker Pickup
  • Mojotone "59 Clone" Aged Humbucker Pickup

$ 123.60

Our painstaking aging process makes these "Patent Applied For" Clones look so authentic, you would think that they came out of a real '59 burst. The polepieces are aged perfectly to have the right amount of tarnish and slightly worn screw slots. The covers are what you would expect to see on a well played '59 burst. Natural looking wear, without looking forced, or like it was salvaged from a shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean. All original PAF materials and specs including our exclusive Mojotone butyrate PAF bobbins and our Mojotone PAF replica covers.  

"...if you want to get as close as possible to vintage Gibson humbucker tone, the ’59 PAF Clones are a great way to go." -Guitar Player Magazine, May 2014

The 59' "Patent Applied For" Clones are for the tone purist. Authentic to every detail using all American made parts. 1959 spec butyrate bobbins, 1959 spec long leg frame, custom vintage spec plain enamel wire, custom alnico 4 cast magnets, maple spacer, vintage spec screws, and vintage spec slugs. These are very bright and warm with lots of articulation. The upper frequency range has exceptional bloom and lots of airy tone with the un-potted coils. We meticulously wound each coil with our own pattern and offset to represent what we believe to be the best vintage P.A.F.  examples out there. 

What magnet should I choose? 

We make our standard version with Alnico 4 because the majority of original P.A.F.'s used them, although many different grades of Alnico were used throughout the early P.A.F. era. 

Alnico 2 - Creamy and round highs, strong and loose sounding mids, warm lows, and open dynamics. Low output. 

Alnico 3 - Similar to Alnico 2 but with sweeter and more dynamic sounding highs, and clearer, more articulate lows. Lowest output. 

Alnico 4 - A good happy medium between Alnico 2 and Alnico 5 tonal characteristics, with a very natural sounding and flat EQ range. Medium/low output. 

Alnico 5 - Tighter EQ with heavier punch and attack. Slightly less mid presence with stronger, and clearer dynamics on the lows and highs. Higher output.

What output should I choose? 

The standard version has more lows and mids with less highs than the lower output version. We recommend the lower output version for the clearest, most articulate tone. We recommend the standard version for a stronger tone that hits the front end of the amp a little harder. Both are spectacular sounding and what we consider the best output options for this particular model.

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**These are the specs for the standard version** Different magnets and a lower output option are also available
Neck 7.3k  42 Plain Enamel Gibson Style Shielded Alnico 4
Bridge 8k 42 Plain Enamel Gibson Style Shielded Alnico 4



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