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Mojotone "52 Clone" Tele® Neck Pickup

sku: #S352N629A
  • Mojotone "52 Clone" Tele® Neck Pickup

$ 95.48

Clones of the original '52 Tele® "blackguard" pickups, using flat Alnico 3 magnets, vintage-spec plain enamel wire, a deep drawn chrome brass cover for the neck pickup, and a copper plated baseplate for the bridge pickup. 

All original manufacturing methods are the same with handwound coils, and wax potted coils.

We voiced these around the best examples we encountered from the blackguard era. The neck pickup is so clear and soft with lots of articulation. The bridge pickup has just the right amount of mids with clear wide open twang and snap. These pickups really let you dial your amp in for the best possible tone.

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Black Waxed String / Flat Stagger / Copper Plated Baseplate
Bridge Alnico 3 6.4k RWRP 42 Plain Enamel Wire Vintage Black and Yellow Cloth Leads
Original "Deep Drawn" Brass Chrome Plated Cover
Neck Alnico 3 5.8k 43 Plain Enamel Wire Vintage Black and White Cloth Leads