We are hoping that everyone has been enjoying a great summer! With our new website now up and running steady, I wanted to put up a quick post here on our new blog to let you guys know what is going on here in the shop and what we have coming up.

First for something fun, we are giving away a very sweet completed build. It is a modern style guitar with custom inlays, plays and sounds awesome. We wanted to give away something really cool to you guys in celebration of our new website. You can enter by signing up to our email list and or following us on Instagram. You can find out the details HERE.

Also, we know that a lot of our customers are using name brand pickups in their Rockaudio builds so we are revamping our pickup section to further help bring you guys everything you need in one place. Right now you can grab pickups from some of our favorite pickup companies like Fishman, Norstrand, and Mojotone, with more to come over the next coming weeks. Stay tuned for featured builds and demos usings pickups from these guys. And check out the new PICKUP SECTION to view the pups that we selected for the site.

Some product updates:

Body stock - Many of our bodies have moved quicker than expected since we started offering our in-house routing services. We have more on the way right now and should see them back in stock for next month. Restock of some old colors we had before and also some new colors. 

Parts - Lots of hardware going back in stock next week!

We also have some great new contests coming up and a lot of new content. Make sure you check out our new video if you didn't see the first blog post, we go over some of our body weights and wood types. You can view that HERE. And also make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel, we have a bunch of videos about to go up!

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a message with your thoughts, always happy to hear from our customers.

- Andrew